About Firefly Education

iMaths Online has had a makeover!

We’ve given iMaths Online a slick new look and added a bunch of resources to enhance your maths lessons. Joining the old favourites, here are some of the new resources now available at iMaths Online.

We won! Firefly takes home four Educational Publishing Awards

Each year, the Educational Publishing Awards Australia recognise excellence and innovation in the Australian education landscape.

With our two newest programs – English Stars and Think Mentals – on this year’s short list, we had hoped to come away with at least one award. So you can imagine how thrilled we are to announce that we won not one, not two – but four awards!

Sound Waves Online has had a makeover!

Sound Waves Online 1–6 looks better than ever, but the changes aren’t just skin-deep …

We’ve added a raft of resources and improved navigation around the site making both the existing and new resources easy to find, project and print.

Here are some of the new resources now available at Sound Waves Online: