Sound Waves Spelling

Discover the new and exciting features in Sound Waves Spelling

If you loved the old Sound Waves, you’re going to love the new Sound Waves Spelling even more! The new edition includes a completely revamped suite of resources.

Find out exactly what’s new for teachers and students. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Teacher planning

The evolution of Sound Waves Spelling

From Sound Waves to Sound Waves Spelling

For more than two decades, Sound Waves has been a staple in Australian classrooms.

Firefly Education’s team of linguistics experts and experienced teachers has spent years immersed in academic research and best practices for teaching spelling. Why? To ensure the new edition continues to meet the pedagogical and practical requirements of the modern classroom.

With this knowledge and experience, we’re delighted to bring you the incredible, new Sound Waves Spelling!

This new edition provides everything teachers need to deliver explicit spelling lessons, with a strengthened focus on four key areas of instruction: phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, morphology and etymology.

What’s new for teachers?

Re-imagined online resources

Say goodbye to Teacher Books! The all new Sound Waves Spelling Online Teaching Resources has everything you need to teach systematic, explicit and engaging lessons with ease.

Each year level includes a revamped suite of comprehensive lesson guides and projectable slideshows (featuring videos and interactive tools) for every phoneme and focus concept covered in the program.

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Sound Waves Spelling Online is available now. To explore the online teaching resources, sign up for a free trial or download our online guide.


Student Books

What’s new for students?

Improved student book activities

A fresh new look, bespoke illustrations and a streamlined layout will help reduce the cognitive load for students. Activities have been carefully crafted to align with, and consolidate, the concepts and skills taught in the lessons.

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The new student books are available now. Get your hands on the new books to start planning for next year. Buy them from your local educational bookseller or our online store, order inspection copies or view sample pages:

What else is new?

Charts for Foundation and playing cards

Foundation charts

You asked and we listened! Joining the Standard and Extended versions of the charts, now Foundation classrooms can have their own version of the Teaching Charts and Student Charts. The Foundation charts illustrate the 43 phonemes of Australian English and only the graphemes taught in the Foundation program.

Playing cards

The new playing cards are the perfect resource to add some fun to every Sound Waves Spelling classroom. Available in Foundation or Standard (for Years 1–6) versions, each pack includes two full sets of the 43 phonemes and instructions for a variety of games.

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The new playing cards and Foundation charts are available now. There’s no reason to wait, so why not start using them in your classroom now? You can purchase these resources from your local educational bookseller or from our online store.

Charts and cards

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