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Use Eyes Up Front to help get your class back on track

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Use Eyes Up Front to help get your class back on track

English Stars 8/6/21


Trying to capture students’ attention when they are mid-task can be a challenge. But with the Eyes Up Front feature in English Stars, you can temporarily suspend students’ access to the program and instruct them to pay attention to you with the touch of a button.

A great way to use Eyes Up Front is in conjunction with the activity tracker. As students complete their activities, keep an eye on the activity tracker to see your students’ progress and performance in real time.

If you notice a pattern of several students getting the same questions wrong, then it may reveal a collective gap in understanding. If this occurs, use Eyes Up Front to pause the activity and re-teach that concept to your students.

You’ll find the button in the menu bar, accessible from anywhere in English Stars.

Remember, if your account is connected to multiple classes, ensure you have the right class selected when you activate (and deactivate) Eyes Up Front.


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