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How is Sound Waves 7 different from the other year levels?

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How is Sound Waves 7 different from the other year levels?

Sound Waves

Building on the consistency of Sound Waves Foundation to Year 6, the Year 7 program has been specifically written to help students in their transition to secondary school.

The Year 7 units of work include:

  • more independent activities for students, including tasks ideal for homework
  • a focus on Greek and Latin roots, base words, prefixes and suffixes
  • extra list words at a more complex level
  • additional grammar concepts with accompanying helpful hints and answers
  • a greater variety of BLMs to support fast finishers and differentiation
  • teaching opportunities through dictation assessment activities.

Sound Waves 7 includes the Student Book and Sound Waves Online. We also recommend that Year 7 classrooms have the Extended Student Charts and Extended Teaching Charts (to assist with decoding and encoding complex words).

You can review our Scope and Sequence documents for Year 7.

  • The Weekly View describes graphemes, spelling patterns and concepts by week.
  • The Focus Concepts View provides a detailed breakdown of concepts taught.

To find out more, add a 30-day free trial of Sound Waves 7 Online to your Firefly Online account.

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