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Did you say differentiation?

The students who make up a classroom will always have a wide range of needs and ability levels. As a teacher, you want to give each student the best opportunity to meet curriculum standards. But does this mean you need to use resources from different year levels? With the differentiation built into each Sound Waves year level, you don’t have to!

Catering for a wide range of student abilities, each year level in Sound Waves is carefully scaffolded to provide stacks of material to support and extend your students.

How to assess spelling

When it comes to assessing students’ abilities and progress in spelling, there are a number of ways to capture useful data to inform your planning and teaching of spelling.

Read on to find the Sound Waves assessment tool that best fits your purpose.

How do you extend your super spellers?

Are you looking for fun ways to engage and challenge your students? Multi-ability classrooms are challenging and it can be hard to keep your advanced spellers engaged, that’s why we developed Super Challenges.

Sound Waves Super Challenge Black Line Masters have been designed to extend student learning with the List, Extension and activity words for each unit in Sound Waves Student Books.

The Challenges are designed to provide further practice with words containing the focus sounds using higher level, creative and critical thinking skills and engaging metalanguage thought processes. Challenges include mazes, crosswords, word searches, word jumbles, secret codes and much more.

Use digital technology with Sound Waves

You can easily integrate your classroom digital technology into your Sound Waves lessons. Whether you are using iPads, tablets or laptops, a device per student or just a handful to share, here are a few ways to engage your Sound Waves students with ICT: