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Start a new adventure in handwriting

Writing Time takes students on a captivating handwriting adventure to learn, consolidate and extend handwriting fluency. The beautifully illustrated student books are packed with engaging, meaningful and structured practice to get little hands moving in the right direction.

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Options for everyone. All fonts. All year levels.

Student Practice Books are available from Foundation to Year 6 in all Australian handwriting fonts.

Queensland font

Queensland Beginner’s & Modern Cursive

New South Wales font

New South Wales Foundation Style

Victorian font

Victorian Modern Cursive

Student writing


Begin the journey with a bang

Students begin their Writing Time journey with Hero Lines – a unique, contextual code that represents the most common handwriting shapes.

Not only do Hero Lines help students decode and write letters, the related Hero Line songs get students moving, singing and practising their gross motor skills before they dive into fine motor skill activities.

With a double-page spread for every letter, students have ample opportunity to track, trace, copy and write the letters and shapes needed to kickstart their handwriting journey.

Early years

Unearth the secrets to handwriting development

Students will love the engaging adventure-based themes in each book, whether they’re exploring a fantasy land, diving into an underwater world, or trekking through dense jungle.

Poems, crosswords, diagrams and a number of additional activity types are used to ensure students have fun as they move from consolidating letter formation to learning exits, entries and joins. And of course students love turning the full-page fine motor activities into their own beautiful works of art.

Close up of student writing

Student with Writing Time Book

Upper years

Continue the adventure with style and speed

Handwriting skill development shouldn’t end in the early years. The Writing Time adventure continues through to Year 6, where students focus on speed, legibility and developing their own style.

The Student Practice Books also include activities with cross-curriculum themes in English, science, maths and history. There are also reflection banners and more intricate fine motor art exercises to keep upper years students engaged.

Discover more hidden gems in the Writing Time series

From fine motor artwork to assessment tools and online resources, there are plenty of hidden gems to uncover on your Writing Time adventure.

PencilFine motor artwork Chevron

Beautiful, full-page art activities get little hands moving as they trace fluency patterns to complete their own works of art. These pages are carefully designed to include the slants, slopes and loops needed to develop letter formation skills.

handwriting practice page
Marked Paper Assessment Chevron

At the back of the Student Practice Books, there’s a dedicated summative assessment section. This section gives students an opportunity to demonstrate the key handwriting skills learned throughout the year. It also provides the perfect sample of work to pass on to their next teacher, or to show parents.

Handwriting Free handwriting resources Chevron

Writing Time Online perfectly complements the Student Practice Books with a treasure trove 
of extra resources. Access includes printable worksheets for extra practice, catchy Hero Lines songs, the interactive See & Trace tool, assessment resources and more.

Best of all, access to Writing Time Online is free! Sign up today at writingtimeonline.com.au.



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