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English Stars is a teacher-led resource that combines robust pedagogy with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to deliver English lessons like never before.

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Comprehensive content and handy yearly plans

Access to English Stars includes four year levels of content (Years 3–6), with each year level consisting of 8–9 engaging units of work. Each unit is made up of several modules that teach the comprehension, grammar and text type concepts required for the unit’s assessment.

Check out what’s covered in your year:

Year 3 Yearly Plan
Year 4 Yearly Plan
Year 5 Yearly Plan
Year 6 Yearly Plan

Note: English Stars is aligned to the Australian Curriculum Version 8.4.

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Launch into engaging lessons

English Stars is packed full of meaningful multimodal content and resources to help you carry out robust and interesting English lessons.

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With English Stars, all the preparation has been done for you. Every module includes a teaching plan complete with helpful tips, and concept notes that act as a mini refresher course on the concepts you’ll teach.

View sample teaching plan and concept notes.

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English Stars has a variety of literary, persuasive and informative texts, from modern children’s literature extracts to bespoke information reports.

These texts are embedded throughout units to help teach tricky concepts, practise comprehension skills, model text types and act as stimulus for activities.

View the Text Reference Sheets to check out which texts are featured in your year level.

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English Stars includes a wealth of learning resources that explain English concepts in a straightforward and friendly way. Each animated video and scaffolded slideshow is perfect for students to view as a class or individually.

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Student activities like no other

All bases are covered with English Stars’ activities, with online and offline options, differentiation, automatic marking and data collection.

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A variety of activities and delivery options

Along with a wide range of activity types, including multiple-choice, cloze, text editing and composition, English Stars also offers a choice of activity delivery – with printable activities or online + printable activities.

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Opportunities for differentiation

With all students having access to Years 3–6 of English Stars, you’ll love the flexibility that four year levels of content offers. What’s more, most modules include both core and extension activities to cater for the needs of your students.


Automatic marking and real-time tracking

Automatic marking is the ultimate time-saver! Not only do students get instant verification of their answers, they’re also directed to consolidation or extension activities based on their results.

The English Stars activity trackers let you see your students’ performance in real time, so you can step in to offer a helping hand when necessary.


Data at your fingertips

For classes where students have online + printable activities, results are conveniently collated into class and student portfolios.


All the tools you need

Variety of assessment types

English Stars contains a suite of summative assessment tasks, including online tests, written assignments and oral presentations.

Automatic marking and helpful rubrics

For online tests, enjoy the time-saving benefit of automatic marking for knowledge questions. For written and oral assignments, use the slideshows to establish expectations before using the detailed rubrics as a guide for marking.

Reporting made easy

View a snapshot of your class’s progress for formative and summative activities with the class portfolios, or pull up detailed data for an individual student with the student portfolios.

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Free professional learning and support

Workshops, articles, videos and more

We understand that ongoing professional learning leads to consistent and successful implementation of instruction. Our team has a wealth of teaching experience and provides a range of tailored professional learning opportunities to continually support you and your school in using the English Stars resources.

Request a workshop for your school, register for one of our virtual workshops, browse our professional learning articles, or simply reach out to your local education consultant anytime of the year with your questions.

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