About Firefly

Firefly Education has been lighting the way for educators, students and families since 1989.

Teacher teaching three students

Our Mission

Lighting the way

We believe that knowledge is a light – a shining luminescence that belongs to everyone.

We believe that education is a right – it is the very essence of growth, success, and everything hard won.

That’s why we do what we do.

We’re for the educators, the mentors and motivators, for the teachers, and the leaders, and the classroom innovators.

We’re here for you, so that you can be there for them.

For the investigators looking for connections. For the thinkers realising their potential. For the storytellers, the poets, and the nervous public speakers, for the bright emerging writers and the bold adventure seekers.

Let’s show them we believe in them; show them they can achieve, and then the knowledge they receive will be the legacy we’re leaving them.

Let’s do this together – as one, we’ll see it through.

You light the way for them and we’ll light the way for you.

Our People

A sparkle of fireflies

We’re an eclectic bunch at Firefly. It’s our greatest strength.

We’ve got teachers with over 200 years of collective experience, ensuring our work (and our advice) is classroom-friendly and pedagogically rigorous.

We’ve got creative professionals – designers, artists, filmmakers and writers – ensuring that everything we produce is beautiful, functional and lovingly crafted.

We’ve got technical geniuses developing all of our software from the ground up, ensuring we remain on the cutting edge of classroom technology.

Our main hub is nestled on the Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Country (Sunshine Coast), but our wings are spread across Australia. Everything we create is for Aussie classrooms.

We love working at Firefly. Maybe you could join us. Check out our job opportunities.

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Our Community

Great things happen when we work together

We are passionate about developing our teaching community and fostering discussion about education and the art of teaching.

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Our Commitment

Working with First Nations peoples to build a brighter future together.

We are committed to better honouring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultural and spiritual relationships to the lands on which we live, learn and work.

We will continue to engage with First Nations peoples to build our knowledge of their rich cultures and histories.

We will actively grow our understanding of First Nations peoples’ experiences – both past and present.

We will seek opportunities to promote and empower the voices of First Nations peoples within our teaching communities across Australia.

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