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The new Sound Waves Spelling!

The new Sound Waves Spelling will be better than ever, with an improved lesson sequence, extra resources for explicit teaching, revamped student book activities and more.

The new edition will be released this year, ready for use in classrooms in 2022.

A strengthened approach to the four pillars of spelling

Informed by research on the best practices for teaching spelling, the new edition features a strengthened approach to the four key areas of teaching:

Lips making speech sounds

Phonemic awareness

The ability to work with phonemes.


Synthetic phonics

Phonics instruction that involves teaching phoneme–grapheme relationships.

Building blocks of language


Knowledge of the meaningful parts of words: prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots.

Globe illustrating word origins


Understanding of word origins and history.

Student raising hand

Teaching resources re-imagined

Deliver systematic, explicit and engaging lessons

Sound Waves Spelling Online for Teachers provides everything you need to systematically teach phoneme–grapheme relationships and spelling and vocabulary concepts.

There’s heaps of new content to use in your explicit teaching lessons! Each year level now includes a scaffolded lesson sequence for every phoneme and every focus concept covered in the program.

Every lesson comes with a detailed guide for teachers and a completely revamped suite of resources – from slideshows to videos, interactive tools to games ideas and more.

Sound Waves Spelling Online for Teachers will be available to trial and purchase from November.

Improved student books

Activities that will delight and deliver

A fresh new look and streamlined layout will help reduce the cognitive load for young learners. Activities have been carefully crafted to consolidate the concepts taught in corresponding lessons.

To see the amazing new student books for yourself, download these sample pages:

Student Books will be available from July.

Student with Sound Waves Spelling Book

Students using playing cards

New products

Enhance the learning experience

Foundation charts

Joining the Standard and Extended versions, the new Foundation teaching and student charts will be an essential resource for the first year of schooling. They include the graphemes taught in the Foundation program for the 43 phonemes of Australian English.

Playing cards

The new playing cards are the perfect resource to add some fun to every Sound Waves Spelling classroom from Foundation to Year 6. Each pack includes games instructions and two sets of cards representing the 43 phonemes of Australian English.

Student and teaching charts will be available from July, and playing cards will be available from September.

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