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COVID-19: Complimentary Access to Firefly Resources for Schools


Please note: Our offer of complimentary access to Firefly Online resources is no longer available.

To help Australian schools under the current circumstances, we’re offering complimentary access to our digital resources until the end of Term 2.

Your school can now access the following resources free of charge:

Who should complete the complimentary access form?

The person who completes the form will be automatically nominated as a Class Builder Administrator. They will use Class Builder to set up access for all the teachers and students at your school, as well as manage their access. Therefore, it’s easiest if your school’s head of curriculum or principal completes the form to arrange access for your whole school.

How long is complimentary access available for?

Until the end of Term 2, 2020 (end date 10 July 2020). We’ll continue to monitor the situation with school closures. If we need to extend this access beyond Term 2, we’ll let you know.

Will our school be charged after the complimentary period?

No. For existing customers, access will revert to what it was before the complimentary upgrade. For new customers, access will simply expire after the complimentary period ends on 10 July 2020.

Please note: If you are prompted to select a payment method when completing your order, you are using our regular School Licence Order Form. Instead, go to our Complimentary Access Order Form (no longer available). There will be no payment prompt, and an Amount Payable of $0 will appear upon completing your order.

How will teachers access the resources?

Teachers will access the resources via their Firefly Online account. If teachers do not currently have an account, they will be issued one as part of the Class Builder setup.

How will students access the resources?

Each student will access English Stars and/or Think Mentals Digital Classroom with an individual student login. These logins are generated by Class Builder and are the responsibility of the Class Builder Administrator to pass on to students.

Each class will access iMaths Online and/or Sound Waves Online with a whole-class Student Access Code. Once teachers log in to their Firefly Online accounts, they will find the code on the relevant year level of each program’s home page. It is the responsibility of individual teachers to pass the code on to their class.

Why does my complimentary access form say that I am not authorised to order?

Your school most likely already has complimentary access. You have a nominated Class Builder Administrator at your school who is authorised to set you up with access, or order additional complimentary resources. If you’re not sure who your school’s Class Builder Administrator is, please contact us.

What resources are on offer to help teachers support students learning from home?

We already provide virtual PD workshops to schools, and publish a range of professional reading articles and FAQs to support schools using our resources. Take a look at our Teacher Support site.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be scheduling extra virtual PD workshops and publishing more articles to help you support students learning from home. Stay tuned via our Newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

What if our school already has Sound Waves Online or iMaths Online?

Your account has been automatically upgraded to include Printable Student Book pages. What does that mean? Please read our latest communication to our Sound Waves Online customers, or our latest communication to our iMaths Online customers.

Your school can, of course, still claim complimentary access to our other resources. If your school claims any extra year levels, or other new resources, these will be set up under a new Class Builder for your school. This means that any teachers already using Sound Waves Online and iMaths Online won’t automatically get access to the new resources your school claims. Your school’s Class Builder Administrator will need to set teachers up with access to these additional resources.

Is there someone I can talk to about the resources?

Absolutely. Contact your local education consultant with any questions about using our resources. Contact our support team with any questions about using Class Builder to set up your school’s access. We will respond to all queries as soon as we can, but please be patient as we have many schools to support at this challenging time.

We want to thank all the amazing teachers and school staff who are tirelessly working to help students and parents under these difficult circumstances. We’re here to help you.