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Firefly announce new handwriting series...


Following successes with Sound Waves and iMaths, Firefly are releasing a brand-new handwriting series for Australian primary schools – Writing Time!

Writing Time has been developed by practising classroom teachers and focuses on student engagement to make learning fun. Every year, from Foundation to Year 6, takes students on a unique handwriting adventure.

Author Mary Serenc explains: “Teachers know the importance of writing legibly and fluently, but we also understand just how crowded the school day is.”

“We are developing a handwriting series to allow early years teachers to effectively teach handwriting and for teachers throughout the rest of primary school to maintain, practice and develop these skills.”

Foundation to Year 2 with Queensland handwriting fonts will be available for the 2014 school year. Years 3-6, as well as books in New South Wales and Victorian fonts, will follow shortly after.

Take a look at sample pages for Queensland Foundation or Queensland Year 1.