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Firefly Education Commits to FSC Accredited Printers and Paper Suppliers


Firefly Education has always prided itself on trading ethically. As a growing independent publisher of primary school workbooks, assessment books, teacher books, black line masters and other resources, we are pleased to confirm our commitment to responsible print and paper policies for the printing of our books. As our company grows, we wanted to make a commitment aligned with our own environmental and social ethics.

Having reviewed options available, we have decided to use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited sources. Internationally recognised, FSC appear to have one of the most rigorous environmental, economic and social standards, basing their accreditation on a range of sound, responsible forest management principles including:

  • protecting waterways, habitat and wildlife species
  • preserving forest areas
  • monitoring practices
  • reducing pesticide use
  • ensuring worker safety
  • ensuring rights of indigenous people and communities.

In additional to using paper sourced only from companies with FSC accreditation, we are committed to the use of recycled cardboard for our packaging cartons and will continue to look for ways to trade in a sustainable and positive manner.

Supported by organisations including the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and the Australian Conservation Foundation, we are confident that FSC accreditation will help us to trade ethically and responsibly as we grow. To find out more about FSC visit

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