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Firefly Online products qualify for Safer Technologies 4 Schools Badge Program


At Firefly Education, protecting the security and privacy of schools using our online products and services is a top priority. That’s why obtaining the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) Badge Program assessment was a logical step for us. It means schools can be confident about the standard of privacy and safety of our online products when using them in their classrooms.

Under the umbrella of Education Services Australia, the ST4S program is coordinated by the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) team. This team includes security and privacy professionals from Australia and New Zealand.

Our ST4S assessment took place in 2023 using the 2022 version of their framework and the qualification is valid until January 2026. The assessment applies to all our online products for Sound Waves Literacy, Maths Trek, English Stars, Think Mentals, iMaths and BitMaths.

We will continue to ensure our online products adhere to best practices and keep up with the latest technologies to uphold the privacy and security standards specific to the education industry. For more information on how we collect and store information, view our Privacy Policy.


Key information from ST4S

Here’s a quick snapshot from the ST4S website explaining what ST4S is and how it benefits schools.

What is Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S)?

The Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) service is a national standardised approach to evaluating digital products and services used by schools across Australia. It is supported by the state and territory governments and the Catholic and independent school sectors. Learn more at

Why was ST4S established?

ST4S was established in collaboration with all Australian state, territory, Catholic and Independent school sectors to develop a nationally consistent security and privacy control framework to help schools reduce risks when choosing and using digital products and services.

What does usage of the ST4S badge mean?

Suppliers in the program have undergone a rigorous assessment that indicates the product, when used appropriately, does not present a significant safety or privacy risk to schools. Ongoing use of the badge requires suppliers to perform annual ST4S Readiness Checks to help ensure continued compliance with the most important ST4S Assessment Framework requirements.

How does the ST4S badge benefit schools?

The badge helps educators easily identify suppliers for which comprehensive information is available to assess how it can be used in their schools. It provides a recognisable symbol that a product or service has been assessed through the ST4S framework and has committed to supporting student and school online security and safety.

If you have any further questions about the safety and standards of Firefly Online resources, feel free to contact us. Or to find out more specific information about the ST4S standards, head straight to the source and visit their website: