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Sound Waves Foundation has had a makeover!


We’ve given Sound Waves Foundation the love it deserves with a revamp of the Student Book, Teacher Book and Sound Waves Online. Read all about the updates and new additions below.

Student Book

The Sound Waves Foundation Pack has been replaced with the new and improved Sound Waves Foundation Student Book, which includes:

  • activities for both phases of the program
  • colour photos and beautiful, bespoke illustrations
  • carefully sequenced phonemic awareness and phonics activities
  • pre-writing and writing practice
  • student certificates for the completion of each phase.

View Student Book Sample Pages

Teacher Book

The Sound Waves Foundation Teacher Book has been redesigned and streamlined to make your day-to-day Sound Waves lessons easier than ever. It includes:

  • essential ‘getting started’ information, such as a glossary and answers to frequently asked questions
  • straightforward plans for lessons that can be conducted using the resources from Sound Waves Foundation Online or the Foundation Toolbox
  • extra games and activities that are perfect for when you have a few minutes spare or are looking for an activity suitable for rotations
  • a Sound Index containing articulation information, the Chant and Action, and grapheme choices for each of the 43 sounds of Australian English.

View Teacher Book Sample Pages

Sound Waves Online

We’ve added a raft of resources and improved navigation around the site, making both the existing and new resources easy to find, project, use and print. Here are just some of the resources now available at Sound Waves Foundation Online:

Lesson plans

All of the lesson plans found in the updated Teacher Book are also available online. The online lesson plans have the added benefit of instantly linking you to the lesson’s resources.

Teaching slideshows

We’ve added hundreds of new slideshows to support you as you teach focus concepts throughout the year. From explanations of unusual high-frequency words (known as Special Words) to decodable sentences for modelled reading, you now have all the resources you need for every lesson at your fingertips.


Our Chants and Actions and articulation videos have been updated and we’ve added new videos to support you as you introduce each new phoneme and grapheme.

Focus Sound Searches

Each of the 43 sounds has a beautiful, bespoke illustration brimming with images that contain the focus sound in their name. Students of all ages will love seeing how many names they can identify – and it’s not as easy as it looks, considering there can be over 50 to find! Luckily all the answers are in the online lesson plans.

Interactive teaching tools

You’ll now find the tried and true activities What’s Missing?; Segment, Blend and Select; Segment, Blend and Make; Memory; and Build a Word as interactive tools at Sound Waves Foundation Online. These tools facilitate explicit teaching and provide engaging, daily revision without the need for printing, cutting or laminating!

Bulk Black Line Master downloads

Tired of printing BLMs one at a time? You asked for BLMs in bundles – and here they are! We’ve collated each unit’s BLMs and our most popular BLMs into bundles so you can download and print them in bulk.

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Make 2019 the year you lay the best possible foundation for students’ spelling success with the all-new Sound Waves Foundation. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

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