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The first Mike Horsley Award recipient – Peter Stannard


Earlier this year Firefly Education Director Peter Stannard took home the Mike Horsley Award which recognises outstanding service to the Australian educational publishing industry.

Peter has been immersed in the education industry for close to 50 years. Having authored over 60 educational titles, and selling over 1 million copies of those texts, Peter’s contribution to the Australian educational landscape is awe-inspiring.

In an article published on the EPAA’s blog, Peter reflects on how his teaching career shaped his work.

‘The inspiration for my writing came from my style of teaching. I always believed that students need to be totally and actively involved in any lesson. They need to discuss, ask questions, clarify any uncertainties and be active in the classroom. The manuscripts of my science books reflected that style.

‘My vision was to publish educational materials that encouraged students to make connections between what they learned in class and their everyday lives. At the same time the resources needed to support busy teachers and be easy to use in the classroom. By creating resources that combined these principles, I hoped to foster a love of learning in Australian classrooms.’

Read the full interview about Peter’s contribution to educational publishing.

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