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Three cheers for Sound Waves Online!


Sound Waves Online has just been acknowledged as the Best Student Resource – English (Literacy, Literature, Language) in this year’s Educational Publishing Awards Australia.

Sound Waves Online is a website packed with printable, projectable and interactive tools that support schools to explicitly teach phonemic spelling. Sound Waves Online is just one of the resources from the Sound Waves program, written by talented educators Barbara Murray and Terri Watson and published by the passionate team at Firefly Education.

Ann Smales, one of Firefly’s directors, said ‘The Sound Waves program has been very popular in Australian classrooms for years, and even more so now with the recent focus on phonics in the Australian Curriculum.’

‘We knew that teachers were searching for more support and easy-to-use resources to teach the phonemic approach effectively, so we decided to breathe some new life into Sound Waves Online to better support busy teachers and continue to engage students.’

The 2016 relaunch of Sound Waves Online brought back all the favourite features alongside a raft of improvements and additions, including:

  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Warm Up slideshows
  • Brainstorm Kickstarter slideshows
  • Find a Word and Helpful Hint slideshows
  • List Word Flash Cards
  • Extended Sound Boxes.

The Firefly team is delighted with the positive feedback the new Sound Waves Online is attracting from schools around Australia, and winning best student resource for English is the icing on the cake.

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Sound Waves is the only whole school approach to phonemic spelling that covers all three threads in the phonics and word knowledge sub-strand of the Australian Curriculum: English. You can get started with the award-winning Sound Waves Online for as little as $3 per student on a School Licence. To find out more:

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