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What’s new to Sound Waves in 2013?


The new school year is now well and truly under way and, while you’ve been getting your teaching plans in order, we’ve been implementing some new additions to Sound Waves that will ensure your teaching is as effective as possible. It doesn’t matter which year level you teach, there’s something new for everyone.

Pronunciation of Australian English can be tricky, which is why you’ll love the latest addition to Sound Waves Online — our Sound Info Kit.

Each of the 42 sounds in Sound Waves now has a Sound Info Kit containing video clips on how to say the sound and perform the accompanying Chant and Action. The kit also includes helpful instructions, tips for students and the Sound Box.

If you’re teaching the younger years, or ESL students, you’ll find the Sound Waves Sound Info Kit to be particularly useful when modelling sounds to students. It’s easy to project these videos in your classroom and have the class follow along.

Students in Years 4 to 7 will find the Extended Student Chart a useful tool for exploring and extending their knowledge of graphemes. It contains all the graphemes and words found on the Sound Waves Student Chart, as well as another 183 additional graphemes and words that mid and upper-level students will discover as they progress through the Sound Waves program.

It is most effective as a quick reference tool for each student to have at their desk to use independently — just like the original Student Chart used in the lower years.

Teachers of Year 7 in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia rejoice; there’s now a full Sound Waves 7 program for your classrooms too.

The Year 7 program is specifically tailored to students preparing to transition into Secondary School the following year, while building on the concepts that are taught throughout previous years. That means more independent work and a greater variety of BLMs to assist with fast finishers and differentiation. Don’t worry, we’ve also provided the answers.

The Year 7 program also includes:

  • a focus on Greek and Latin roots, base words, prefixes and suffixes
  • extra List Words at a more complex level
  • additional grammar concepts with accompanying Helpful Hints and answers
  • teaching opportunities through dictation assessment activities
  • a raft of home study tasks to encourage independent learning.

Of course, across all year levels we are continually striving to support you as teachers by updating our Teacher Support page with videos, case studies and information.

Please let us know what you would like to see, or if there is something that would make your life easier.