English Stars - Blended teaching and learning program


There are school and teacher licences to suit every classroom!
Years 3 to 6 are available now.

School Licence
School Licence

$0 per teacher
$29 per student

With the School Licence you’ll get everything you need for both students and teachers. Every student gets their own unique login to complete activities digitally and track their own performance. Every teacher gets access to the teaching content, along with their students’ progress and results in the digital classroom.

The exclusive features of the School Licence include:

  • free access for teachers, aides and curriculum leaders
  • printable versions of student activities for full flexibility
  • central Class Builder to set up all students and teachers.

    School Licences are available to whole cohorts only. ‘Whole cohort’ means the total number of students enrolled in the year level. Teachers get access to every year level purchased by the school.
Teacher Licence
Teacher Licence 3–6

$175 per teacher *
$29 per student
* includes 3 student logins

Ideal for single classrooms – get started with the Teacher Licence and gain access to all the amazing teaching resources. Test the benefits of the digital classroom with your first three students, then add more students at any time for $29 each.