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How is iMaths 7 different from the other year levels?

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How is iMaths 7 different from the other year levels?


iMaths 7 includes the Student Book, Tracker Book and iMaths Online. While iMaths 7 still contains many of the great features you can expect to find in the Foundation to Year 6 program – you’ll notice a few intentional differences:


iMaths 7 follows a linear structure and only includes four investigations. Year 7 investigations are much larger than those in preceding years and have been created to ensure students get the real-life context for as many of the complex Year 7 maths concepts as possible.

Each investigation contains:

  • 2–4 additional pages in the Student Book
  • an extended Inquiry task to challenge fast finishers and encourage higher-order thinking
  • an investigation checklist
  • an investigation overview
  • a cover page.

Extended Problem Solving Tasks

The iMaths Year 7 program contains ten extended problem solving tasks which work as ‘mini-investigations’ by creating real-life contexts for the maths concepts taught in the preceding topics. They also include extension tasks to challenge students who require differentiation.

Topic Notes

For each of the 52 topics in iMaths 7, there is a ‘topic notes’ page available at iMaths Online. Each topic notes page provides in-depth explanations of the associated maths concepts and step-by-step examples of working. These pages can be projected in class or printed and handed out to students.

Term Reviews

Available at iMaths Online, there are four term reviews (a 45–minute test) that work well as a summative form of assessment. As iMaths 7 is a linear program, each term review assesses the maths concept taught in the associated term. Term reviews provide a snapshot of content covered in a term and complement the iMaths Tracker Book which provides a more informal assessment of each of the 52 topics in iMaths 7.

The combination of term reviews, Tracker Book pages, extended problem solving tasks and investigations ensures you have a range of information to gauge students’ understanding, problem-solving and reasoning skills.

No iPlanner

Because iMaths 7 follows a linear structure there is no iPlanner tool. However, there’s still the PDF Termly Plan that you can refer to for planning and scope purposes.

No Differentiation Tasks

Differentiation Tasks are not included in Year 7 as the extended investigations and problem solving tasks (complete with inquiries and extension tasks) have been designed to cater for different levels of understanding.

To find out more about the iMaths 7 program, take a look at our iMaths 7 Preview and download the Australian Curriculum Match.

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