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iMaths is an engaging investigation-based maths series for Foundation to Year 6.

Please note: iMaths is in its final year and will be discontinued at the end of 2024.

The release of the new Australian Curriculum has presented a great opportunity to review our longstanding iMaths program. We’ve taken in customer feedback, and examined the changing standards of the modern classroom, to create a new whole-school maths program written for the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 – Maths Trek.

We strongly recommend all schools make the switch to Maths Trek now.

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iMaths Investigations

Turn reluctant maths students into eager participants

iMaths fosters inquiry by immersing students in real-life maths investigations. Your students can design surfboards, go on adventures around the world and create their own breakfast cereal – all in the name of maths!

Have a sneak peek at some investigations:
Select an investigation that suits you

View our Investigations Overview for a snapshot of Foundation to Year 6 investigations. Each year level has a choice of 12 exciting investigations that match your students’ needs and interests, while integrating the curriculum across learning areas, including science, history and geography.


Feel confident that the curriculum is covered

iMaths aligns with state and national curriculum documents, addressing both the content and proficiency strands.*

Check out our curriculum match documents:

Australian Curriculum Match (Years F–6)
New South Wales Syllabus Match (Stages 1–3)
Victorian Curriculum Match (Years F–6)
Western Australian Curriculum Match (Years F–6)

* iMaths currently aligns with the Australian Curriculum Version 8.4. We’ve created a new program, Maths Trek, which aligns with the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 and will be ready for use in classrooms in 2024.

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Create a meaningful program for all ability levels

iMaths Online provides differentiation worksheets for every topic across three levels of difficulty: support, consolidation and extension.

View sample differentiation worksheets:

All activities in the iMaths Student Books are carefully graded, progressing from simple to more difficult.

View sample Student Book pages:

Planning and assessment for your whole school

iMaths supports you every step of the way.

Calendar Maths planning is simple with the iPlanner Chevron

At iMaths Online, the iPlanner allows you to set up your yearly plan by scheduling which investigations you want to conduct, and when you want to teach the topics.

Use one of our sample yearly plans or create your own. Plus, you can edit, share or print your plan at any time.

Marking Assess knowledge and proficiency with ease Chevron

The Tracker Book helps you review students’ understanding of the content strands, with knowledge and application questions provided for each topic.

The investigation rubrics support your assessment of the proficiency strands by outlining what’s required at each achievement standard from A to E.

Plus, you can mark students’ work with ease using the answer resources at iMaths Online.

Students Consistency from Foundation to Year 6 Chevron

Your students will build confidence as they work through exciting investigations each year and develop their problem-solving skills. The consistency of the iMaths series allows you to boost your students’ success in maths from Foundation to Year 6.

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Teacher support

Workshops, articles, videos and more

We believe in supporting teachers.

So, register for a free workshop delivered by one of our experts, browse our professional learning articles and videos, or find technical support and answers to frequently asked questions.

It’s all there, all year round! Explore now.

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