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Let's play Word Unjumbler!

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Let's play Word Unjumbler!

Sound Waves Spelling 21/10/22

We’re excited to announce that our much-loved interactive spelling game is back! Whether you’re already familiar with the previous version of the game, or you’re new to Sound Waves, you’ll love integrating our fun duck game into your weekly routine.

For teachers, Word Unjumbler can be found in the Extra Games and Activities section of most Sound Units at Sound Waves Online. For students, Word Unjumbler can be found within most Sound Units under Interactive Games.

Open the game and choose to play with either Focus Words or Extension Words. You’ll see a duckling ready to cross a bridge made out of graphemes. To cross the bridge, you must unjumble the graphemes to create the correctly spelled Focus or Extension Word.

Check out this video of Word Unjumbler in action for Year 3, Unit 22, Focus Words.

Word Unjumbler is perfect for independent practice and consolidation work, as well as an activity station in group rotations. Ready, set, play!

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