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Are your students struggling with their handwriting slope?

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Are your students struggling with their handwriting slope?

Writing Time 1/1/18


Take advantage of the free printable slope cards from Writing Time Online for some extra practice.

Provide students with a short writing task – either copying a passage or creating their own piece of writing (like a short story). Have students place the slope card behind their notebook page or sheet of paper to use as a guide when completing their writing task.  

Slope cards are available in landscape or portrait orientation, and cater for varying font sizes expected of Year 1, Year 2 or Years 3–6 students.

Accessing the slope cards is easy:

  1. Log in (or sign up) to your Firefly Online account and open Writing Time Online.
  2. Navigate to the Worksheets drawer in the side menu and select your year level. Find the Slope Card thumbnail in either landscape or portrait and download to print.
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