English Stars - Blended teaching and learning program

The improved English Stars is here!

We’ve added a ton of value to English Stars, ready for use in classrooms in 2020!

Both teacher and student licences include access to all year levels of English Stars – that’s everything from Years 3–6.

What’s more, we’ve also introduced flexible licence options. These options have been designed to suit every classroom – even classrooms without one-to-one devices.

Get started with the amazing teaching resources available with our teacher licence. You can then choose your preferred student licence option: printable or online + printable.

How much does it cost?

  • $90 per teacher licence
  • $15 per student licence with printable activities
  • $25 per student licence with online + printable activities

Find out more about English Stars pricing and features.

Can I trial the new licence options now?
Yes! If you’re not already using English Stars you can log in or sign up to your Firefly Account and follow the prompts to add a free 30-day trial. An English Stars trial provides you with teacher access to two whole units from every year level (Years 3–6). Each unit includes teaching plans, videos, slideshows, activities and assessment.

I already use English Stars, can I trial the new version?
If your current licence commenced before 1 November you cannot add a free trial to your account. Contact us to discuss your options for exploring the updated English Stars.

Can I purchase access now?
Absolutely! If you’re purchasing on behalf of your school, download an English Stars Order Form. If you’re purchasing just for your own classroom, simply log in or sign up to your Firefly Account and follow the prompts.

I already use English Stars. Will my current access be upgraded to the new version?
Any licence purchased before 1 November will remain unchanged until it expires. Licences purchased after 1 November will provide access to the new English Stars.

Still have questions?
To speak with your local Firefly Education consultant, head to our contact page.