English Stars - Blended teaching and learning program

What Is English Stars?

It’s your complete English program where curriculum and
technology are seamlessly united.

English Stars in a nutshell

It all starts with the planning. English Stars is built around a yearly plan that perfectly aligns with the Australian Curriculum for English.

Once you dive into the program, you’ll find detailed teaching plans for every content module. Each plan provides a pedagogically sound teaching sequence that uses our built-in quality resources, including texts, teaching slideshows, learning videos and modelled activities.

Students can practise their understanding of concepts with a wide range of differentiated activities.

Each year also includes a comprehensive assessment plan complete with rubrics, instructions and resources.

To top it all off, both teachers and students get access to all year levels of English Stars – that’s everything in Years 3–6.

English Stars in a nutshell
Your comprehensive yearly plan
Your comprehensive yearly plan

Access to English Stars includes four year levels of content (Years 3–6), with each year level consisting of 8–9 engaging units of work. Each unit is made up of several modules, which teach the comprehension, grammar and text type concepts required for the unit’s assessment.

Check out what’s covered in your year:

We've got the Curriculum covered

English Stars is the first blended teaching and learning program to cover the language, literature and literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum. See how your curriculum is covered with our handy match documents:

Australian Curriculum Match (Years 3–6)
New South Wales Syllabus Match (Stages 2–3)
Victorian Curriculum Match (Years 3–6)
Western Australian Curriculum Match (Years 3–6)

We've got the Curriculum covered
Straight from an English expert
Straight from an English expert

Author Lesley Englert brings many years of education experience and curriculum knowledge to English Stars:

‘I wanted to use my experience to create an English program that gives teachers the confidence that they have the curriculum covered. The digital delivery optimises best classroom practice, allowing teachers to focus on teaching.’

Read our interview with Lesley Englert to find out more about her background in education and her motivation for developing English Stars.