iMaths Investigations, with real-life contexts, turn reluctant maths students into eager participants.
Engage students with real-life contexts

iMaths Investigations apply the maths concepts of your Curriculum to real-life situations. Every Investigation has been designed to engage and motivate students and show them how much fun maths can be. With iMaths Investigations your students will design surfboards, go on an adventure around the world and create their own breakfast cereal – all in the name of maths!

Have a sneak peek at some Investigations:

Select an Investigation which suits you
Select an Investigation which suits you

Choose from 12 exciting Investigations that best match your students’ needs and interests. Not only will you be sure to find something your students will love, you’ll also be able to link maths to the curriculum areas of science, literacy, history and more.

View the Investigations Overview documents for a ‘snapshot’ of each year’s Investigations:

Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7

*iMaths 7 has four extended Investigations

Solve the problem of problem solving

Ten of the most commonly used problem solving strategies are explicitly taught and then used within iMaths Investigations. These strategies are structured to give students the ability and confidence to solve any problem a variety of ways.

Read more about our Problem Solving Strategies.

Problem Solving