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The proof is in the pudding with iMaths

It may seem obvious, but the two most important factors for improved classroom results are student engagement and teacher support. With maths Investigations for students and PD workshops for teachers, iMaths has you covered.

Tips for choosing the right Investigations for your class

Every year level in iMaths (Foundation to Year 6) has a variety of Investigations to choose from. But how many should you include in your yearly plan? Which ones will your students find most interesting? Our handy tips and free Investigations Overview guides will help make selecting the right Investigations for your class easy.

Get the most out of Learning Intentions

Whether you call them Learning Intentions, Learning Objectives, WALTs (We Are Learning To) or WILFs (What I’m Looking For), these snapshots of what students are expected to learn in any given lesson are more than educational buzz words – they’re a robust pedagogical practice.

Learning Intentions form an important part of your lesson as they encourage students to focus on learning and understanding rather than simply completing the task. In the case of maths, this learning mindset can encourage higher-order thinking and reasoning.

iMaths Online (Year 1 to Year 6) now includes a Learning Intention for every Topic, saving you the time of formulating your own.

Assessing proficiency strands is easy with iMaths rubrics

iMaths is a whole-school program that assesses the proficiency strands of the Australian Maths Curriculum.

It’s the iMaths Investigations that build and develop a student’s understanding of maths concepts, improve their mathematical fluency and problem solving skills and provide real-life contexts in which they can develop higher-order reasoning.

And it’s the Investigation rubrics that help you to assess these strands. Find out how you can use these rubrics smarter, faster and more easily than ever before.