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BitMaths is a junior secondary resource that puts teaching at the heart of the mathematical learning process. With comprehensive content, rigorous pedagogy and intuitive design, BitMaths provides teachers with everything they need to invigorate any maths classroom.

Thinking through maths

Mathematical thinking thrives with an effective teaching and learning sequence. BitMaths supports busy teachers and engages students by providing a fertile environment to nurture mathematical proficiencies.


Created by teachers for teachers

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Interactive content

Textbooks just became obsolete

The impressive breadth of content and features within BitMaths makes it better than a textbook in every possible way.

The interactive elements unite seamlessly; from teaching slideshows to detailed concept notes for students, and digital activities with real-time tracking to comprehensive student portfolios – it all just works.

BitMaths has been cleverly designed to create a dynamic learning environment fit for modern classrooms.

Problem-solving and reasoning

Prioritise mathematical thinking

Every module of work includes a set of differentiated problem-solving activities and a scaffolded reasoning task.

With dozens upon dozens of opportunities for students to apply higher-order thinking skills, BitMaths stands out from the crowd when it comes to mathematical thinking.

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Have the confidence that it’s all covered

BitMaths covers all state and national curricula for junior secondary. See how your curriculum or syllabus is covered with these handy match documents:

Australian Curriculum Match (Years 7–8)
New South Wales Syllabus Match (Stage 4)
Victorian Curriculum Match (Years 7–8)
Western Australian Curriculum Match (Years 7–8)

It all starts with the teaching

We believe teaching is fundamental to successful learning, which is why BitMaths supports teachers with everything they need to deliver powerful, explicit and engaging lessons.

calendarFlexible yearly plans Chevron

BitMaths content is organised into modules. These modules can be taught in any order that aligns with a school’s own maths plan, or teachers can follow the sample yearly plans:

Australian Curriculum Year 7 Sample Yearly Plan
Australian Curriculum Year 8 Sample Yearly Plan
NSW Syllabus Match Stage 4 Sample Yearly Plan
Victorian Curriculum Year 7 Sample Yearly Plan
Victorian Curriculum Year 8 Sample Yearly Plan

gradual releaseGradual release lessons Chevron

Every lesson has been structured to allow a gradual release of responsibility.

Teachers use the suite of resources to explicitly teach concepts. The class works together to solve modelled questions. Students independently apply their learning through understanding, problem-solving and reasoning activities.

This gradual release of responsibility in all BitMaths lessons provides a solid pedagogical framework for students to succeed.

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screen with slideshowSuperb slideshows Chevron

The BitMaths interactive slideshows include engaging stimuli for modelling and discussion, worked examples, videos and more.

With the option to show or hide worked examples, and opportunities to check for understanding throughout the slideshows, teachers are in complete control of the lesson.

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Play button Captivating videos Chevron

Scattered throughout the BitMaths lessons, every video combines mathematical rigour and the signature BitMaths flair to engage students and explain concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Watch sample videos:
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It all comes together in the activities

BitMaths covers all bases with online or printable activities, differentiation, automatic marking and data collation.

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Understanding, problem-solving and reasoning

Every module includes sets of understanding, problem-solving and reasoning activities for students to consolidate their knowledge and apply higher-order thinking skills.


Quality, quantity and differentiation

Written by practising teachers, the abundance of activities caters to a range of student abilities – which makes supporting struggling students and extending maths masterminds a breeze.


Automatic marking and worked solutions

Automatic marking is a win-win for teachers and students. For teachers, it’s the ultimate time-saver. For students, it provides instant feedback.

When it comes to understanding maths, it’s less about the answer than it is about how you arrived there, which is why worked solutions are provided wherever appropriate.


Track results and access collated data

For activities that are completed online, activity trackers allow teachers to monitor students’ performances in real time, and deliver timely intervention and support.

All results are conveniently collated into student portfolios, so teachers can see a snapshot of performance at any given time.


Teacher support

Workshops, articles, videos and more

We believe in supporting teachers. So, we’ve curated a range of professional development and support options to help you get the most out of BitMaths.

Register for a workshop, browse our professional learning articles and videos, or find technical support and answers to frequently asked questions.

It’s all there, all year round! Explore now.

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