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End-of-year reporting? Remember to use Think Mentals assessment data!

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End-of-year reporting? Remember to use Think Mentals assessment data!

Think Mentals 9/10/21


As the year draws to a close, remember to use your students’ Think Mentals assessment data to help inform reporting.

Simply log in to Think Mentals Digital Classroom, open My Classroom and use the following information to locate and export both class and individual student data.

Class data

Select the Class Assessment Results button. On this whole-class results page, you can export students’ assessment data one of two ways depending on how your class has used the resource. You can either export results for a specific year level, or export results for all year levels. Save the CSV to your reporting system or forward to your curriculum leader to collate for whole-school analysis.

Individual student portfolios

Select a student’s name to view their individual portfolio. For a summary of their formative results, navigate to the Practice button and print the page. For a snapshot of their summative results, navigate to the Assessment button and print the page.

If you’re using Think Mentals Student Workbooks, refer to the Student Assessment Profiles in the back of their books where you or your students will have recorded weekly test results throughout the year.

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