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Daily Number Practice now available in Maths Trek

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Daily Number Practice now available in Maths Trek

Maths Trek 6/6/24


We’ve added a new interactive feature to Maths Trek. Introducing Daily Number Practice!

What is Daily Number Practice?

Daily Number Practice is a carefully sequenced online resource designed to help students develop recall and proficiency with number facts.

Students independently complete sets of questions based on the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

To encourage regular practice, students advance through eight levels of progression for each operation. Every level includes a variety of question types to ensure students are developing their proficiency in a logical sequence – and to keep things interesting!

Let’s say a student is practising their recall and proficiency with addition at Level 2. Their sets of questions will include simple concepts, such as single digit addition (e.g. 5 + 2), rainbow facts (e.g. 1 + 9) and doubles (e.g. 7 + 7). By the time the student reaches Addition Level 8, question sets will include advanced concepts, such as adding 10, off decade (e.g. 19 + 10), adding hundreds (e.g. 900 + 300) and more.

Our expert team of maths teachers, content developers and programmers have joined forces to ensure that every time a student starts a new set, an appropriate selection of unique questions is generated – according to which operation and level they choose. This clever collaboration means there are countless opportunities for students to practise number facts at their chosen level without completing the same set twice!

For a complete breakdown of the question types and their order of progression, view the Daily Number Practice Question Types and Daily Number Practice Levels.

When should students use Daily Number Practice?

As the name suggests, it’s intended to be used by students every day. This frequent practice is what helps students build automaticity and fluency in maths.

There are many ways you can incorporate Daily Number Practice into your weekly routine – as part of group rotations, as a warm up before diving into your maths lesson, or as an engaging homework activity.

How do students choose a level?

All levels are available to all students. Guide students to focus on the operation they are currently learning and jump in at a lower level. If a student is consistently receiving a low score at that level, direct them to try the level below. The purpose of daily number practice is speed and fluency, students shouldn’t be moving up to more difficult levels until they are consistently getting 10 out of 10 and are displaying automaticity. Use your teacher judgement when directing students to attempt the next level.

Remember, practice is the key. As long as students are engaged and keen to try another set at the same level, they are developing their recall and proficiency.

Can I track student progress?

Daily Number Practice is just that – an opportunity to practise! The resource is not intended to be used for tracking student progress.

Each time a student completes a set of questions, they see their score out of 10 and any correct answers for questions answered incorrectly. Scores are not stored when a student starts a new set of questions. If you’d like to see how students are going, you could have them flip their devices over to show you their scorecards as they complete each set or simply have students jot down their scores as they go.

How do students access Daily Number Practice?

Daily Number Practice is included in the Maths Trek student site* for Years 1–6 at

To find the student login information for your class:

  1. Log in to your Maths Trek Online Teaching Resources
  2. Navigate to My Classroom (and choose a class if you are connected to more than one class)
  3. Find the Class Code or Student Logins and share with your students.

*You’ll also find Daily Number Practice in your teaching account if you wish to project a set of questions for a whole-class activity.

If you don’t have access to Maths Trek, sign up to a free trial where you can explore Daily Number Practice along with all the other amazing features this numeracy program has to offer.

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