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Have fun with printable activities and game BLMs

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Have fun with printable activities and game BLMs

Sound Waves Literacy 2/1/20


Get students playing with words using the range of printable activity and game BLMs available in the Sound Waves Teaching Resources.

There are plenty of BLMs to choose from, including Match Up games, puzzles and colourful board game templates.

Log in to the Sound Waves Teaching Resources and print and prepare the BLMs from the ‘Extra Games & Activities’ section in your upcoming sound units. Use these activitie as a reward for fast finishers, in group rotations, or as a fun end-of-week activity.

Did you know? Many of the BLMs have been cleverly designed to easily store in ziplock bags so you can re-use them throughout the year. Use the game heading strip to label the ziplock bag, and use the icon on each cutout to identify which game they belong to.

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