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Kickstart each Topic with these ready-made teaching slideshows

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Kickstart each Topic with these ready-made teaching slideshows

iMaths 1/11/20


Note: iMaths is in its final year and will be discontinued at the end of 2024. If you’re looking for a primary maths resource written for the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0, explore Maths Trek.

Every Topic at iMaths Online includes a trio of slideshows to help you explicitly teach concepts with ease. 

  • Project the Learning Intention slide to prompt discussion about what students will be learning and what they should be able to do by the end of the Topic.

  • Use the Teach the Topic slide to explain the key maths concepts covered in the Topic.

  • Step through the Model the Topic slides as a ‘we do’ exercise, applying the concepts and answering questions as a class. Students can then complete the answers in the Try This section of their Student Books.

Log in to iMaths Online and find these slideshows linked within the Teaching Plan, or under the Teaching Resources section of each iMaths Topic.

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