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Match Up with a twist

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Match Up with a twist

Sound Waves Spelling 30/5/22

Match Up is a tried and true activity in Sound Waves Spelling classes, but why not get a little creative with it? Add a competitive twist to the online version of the activity and get the whole class involved!


Whole class

What You’ll Need

All students logged in to the Sound Waves Spelling student site on their own devices.

How to Play
  1. Separate the class into two teams (for example reds and blues).
  2. Tell students to pair up with a member of the opposing team.
  3. Have students log in to the Sound Waves Spelling student site and open the Match Up interactive activity in that week’s sound unit.
  4. On your mark, have students begin the activity. The student who finishes first in each pair scores a point for their team.
  5. Tally up each team’s total points. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Note: You could instead use the printable version of Match Up Focus Word Beginnings and Endings to play this game. Printable versions are also available in the Extra Games and Activities section of each sound unit at Sound Waves Spelling Online.

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