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Tips for addressing spacing issues in handwriting

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Tips for addressing spacing issues in handwriting

Writing Time 1/11/22

Learning to correctly space letters and words is a challenge for many handwriting beginners. If you’ve got students that could use some help with their spacing, check out these top tips.

Exaggerated modelling

When modelling handwriting for beginner students, start with clear, exaggerated spaces between words before progressing to more natural spacing. To make your instruction crystal clear, talk aloud when writing a sentence as you move from word to word.

Finger spacing

Finger spacing is a hassle-free way to help students fix their spacing issues. Simply have students place the index finger of their non-dominant hand after each written word for a correct and consistent space.

DIY spacer aids

Some students, particularly left-handed students, can struggle coordinating their fingers to use as a space guide. Spacer aids are a fun, engaging alternative to help your students practise correct spacing. While there are plenty of pre-made spacers on the market – why not have your students create their own using pop-sticks? Once your students have created their unique spacers, encourage them to use the spacers in the same way as they would use their fingers.

Stickers and stamps

Stamps and stickers are a sure-fire way to get students motivated about fixing their spacing issues. So why not use them as an editing tool when reviewing their handwriting? Simply place a sticker at each instance of correct spacing to make it clear to students which spaces are adequate and which are not.

Read their writing aloud

Sometimes, the issue with students’ handwriting is that they do not understand the link between spoken pauses and written spaces. If they are forgetting to add spaces between words, try reading their writing aloud to them as one long, run-on word. This will help them understand the importance of spacing in their handwriting.

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