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Use investigations for revision

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Use investigations for revision

iMaths 18/10/22

Note: iMaths is in its final year and will be discontinued at the end of 2024. If you’re looking for a primary maths resource written for the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0, explore Maths Trek.

Looking for a fun and efficient way to revise specific maths topics at the end of the year? Conduct an investigation! Investigations are a great revision tool because they cover a number of topics in real-life contexts.

To find an investigation that best matches the topics you’ve previously taught and want to revise, use the Investigation and Topics Table for your year level:

Foundation Investigation and Topics Table
Year 1 Investigation and Topics Table
Year 2 Investigation and Topics Table
Year 3 Investigation and Topics Table
Year 4 Investigation and Topics Table
Year 5 Investigation and Topics Table
Year 6 Investigation and Topics Table

Earlier in the year, you may have introduced an investigation before teaching the related topics, to give students the opportunity to think about the investigation while they’re learning key concepts. However when using investigations for revision purposes, you will introduce the investigation after the topics have been taught, so you may need to spend a bit more time than usual discussing with students the maths concepts needed to complete the investigation. This will help you determine whether students are ready to dive into the investigation or if they need to refresh their knowledge of associated topics first.

Use the following focus questions to facilitate this discussion:

  • What is the investigation asking you to do?
  • Which topics are important to this investigation?
  • What do you think you will be good at?
  • What do you think you will need help with?
  • Do you understand the meanings of the words on the Essential Word List?

If your students could benefit from a refresher before commencing the investigation, use the Differentiation Tasks available in each topic at iMaths Online.

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