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When do students apply the proficiency strands?

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When do students apply the proficiency strands?

iMaths 1/2/19


Note: iMaths is in its final year and will be discontinued at the end of 2024. If you’re looking for a primary maths resource written for the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0, explore Maths Trek.

Simply refer to the new About the Investigation preparation notes at iMaths Online. Available for every Investigation, these handy notes not only tell you what you need to get ready for the Investigation, they also outline exactly when students will apply the proficiency strands during the Investigation.

For example, in Year 3 Investigation Picture perfect patterns, students apply proficiency strands in the following steps:

Understanding, Fluency and Problem Solving

  • Step 3: Use mathematical terminology to describe patterns.
  • Step 4: Follow mathematical instructions to complete picture patterns.
  • Step 5: Design a pattern and provide mathematical instructions. Reasoning
  • Step 6: Display and explain the design and instructions. Justify the choices.

With the end of the year approaching, now is a great time to refer back to completed Investigations for a snapshot of when and how students have applied the proficiency strands throughout the year.

Log in to iMaths Online and navigate to the About the Investigation section for a chosen Investigation.

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