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What system requirements are needed for Firefly Online products?

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What system requirements are needed for Firefly Online products?

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Firefly Online products have been designed using modern, standard-based technologies.


All Firefly Online products are web-based and therefore connection to the internet is required to access any of our online products.


Firefly Online products should work with any web browser that supports modern, standard-based technologies, including Google Chrome and Apple Safari on iOS, Windows and OS X.

As a result of ensuring our products work with the most commonly used and up-to-date browsers, some of our online products (such as Sound Waves Spelling Online and BitMaths) are known to be incompatible with outdated or unsupported web browsers such as Internet Explorer. Refer to Microsoft’s customer recommendations  to move to Microsoft Edge.

Please note there may be other unknown browsers that are unsupported and therefore may be incompatible with our online products.


As our products are web-based, they should work on most devices when connected to the internet. We test usability on Apple Mac, Windows and iPads. Our choice to use standards means we expect the results from this testing to reflect the behaviour of our products on all devices running Chrome, but we are unable to guarantee compatibility with every device.


Most videos are hosted at Vimeo and some are hosted at YouTube, so school firewall rules might need to be updated to allow access to these platforms.

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