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English Stars has built-in differentiation

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English Stars has built-in differentiation

English Stars 2/2/18


Most modules include two core activities and an extension activity to cater for the diverse learners in your class.

For students with access to the online activities, progress through activities is automatically differentiated. All students begin on the first core activity and are then directed to appropriate follow-up activities based on their results. Students who answer all questions correctly are fast-tracked to extension. Students who answer any questions incorrectly are prompted to have a second attempt at those questions before moving on to the second core activity for consolidation.

The real-time Activity Tracker allows you to see how students are performing as they complete activities. This means you can step in to offer any struggling students a helping hand as the need arises.

In addition, teachers and students get access to all year levels of content (Years 3–6).

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