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How to facilitate revision in your English lessons

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How to facilitate revision in your English lessons

English Stars 24/10/23

Term 4 is the perfect time to consolidate all of the English concepts your students have learned throughout the year. Here are some built-in tools to help you effectively facilitate revision using English Stars:

Use Revision Mode

Revision couldn’t be easier for your students using the English Stars online activities. Why? Because there’s a function that enables students to go back through any of the activities they’ve completed and re-do them in Revision Mode.

Check out this screencast of Revision Mode in action, taken from a Year 3 unit on Conjunctions:

Use Resource Pages

The greatest features of English Stars are the time-saving resources embedded within the program.

Many modules contain links to Resource Pages. These gems are concept summaries used to help students recap on key information before jumping into related activities. As such, they are the perfect tool to re-use when students need a quick refresher on a given concept. If all students could benefit from a refresher, project the page to the whole class. Of only a few students need the extra support have those students refer to the Resource Page via their student access.

To find out how Revision Mode works for your students, take a quick look at this screencast:

Use visual aids

How do you make revision engaging? Use quality visual aids to make learning fun and help students retain information. Diagrams, charts, videos and stepped-out slideshows are all included within English Stars to reinforce the learning and prompt meaningful discussions. Go back through the Units and pull out these visual aids to help you revise concepts with your students, or encourage them to review the relevant visual aids via their student access.

Review this Year 6 English Stars teaching video, designed to help your students understand how to use Commas in Lists:

With so many convenient and engaging tools at your fingertips, English Stars makes revising concepts a breeze.

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