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Launch into Solar Flair

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Launch into Solar Flair

English Stars 2/11/17


Have you discovered Solar Flair yet? It’s the English Stars activity reward system that recognises every student’s flair for English.

If you’re already using English Stars, we guarantee your students will have checked out their Solar Flair portfolio to see what level they’re up to or what achievements they’ve earned. Or maybe you’re exploring the program for the first time and want to know one of the ways English Stars keeps students keen.

Your students can also discover the secrets of Solar Flair with our free downloadable Mission Guide.

Like any great reward system, Solar Flair has been developed to ensure that every student feels like a star as they earn points for correct answers or achieve awards for effort and outstanding work.

Here’s how students are rewarded in Solar Flair:

Activity points

As students complete activities, they earn points to progress through 21 levels from Raw Recruit to Big Bang. Points are instantly awarded for every correct answer submitted. The number of points awarded depends on the activity type (core or extension) and whether the activity is automatically marked or requires teacher marking.

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Teacher awards

Teacher awards recognise student endeavour and outstanding work. You can assign a gold, silver or bronze teacher award to any student for any activity submitted. You can even add comments to motivate your students and acknowledge a job well done.


Solar Flair includes eight achievement categories such as Fast Learner, Extension Superstar and Top of the Class. Students earn a new level badge whenever they achieve the next objective in an achievement category.

Each new badge becomes progressively harder to achieve as students work through the program. For example, to be awarded a level 1 badge as a Fast Learner, a student must successfully complete two activities on the first attempt. To be awarded a level 5 badge, they must complete 50 activities on the first attempt. That’s quite a challenge, but we’re sure your students will be up for it because these highly coveted badges are likely to be what students love most about Solar Flair.

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Give your English Stars class a Solar Flair boost by sharing our free Mission Guide with your students. With this Mission Guide, students will discover exactly what it takes to reach each level and earn achievement badges as they embark upon their Solar Flair journey.

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If you’re already lucky enough to be using English Stars, why not check out the Solar Flair rewards that your students have earned so far this year? Log in to English Stars, navigate to My Classroom and select a student. Click on the Solar Flair button to see their activity points, teacher awards and achievements.

If you’re new to English Stars, take a look at a sample Solar Flair portfolio – and other program features – at our demo site.

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