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Kickstart your lesson with the Number Line

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Kickstart your lesson with the Number Line

iMaths 9/9/17


The interactive Number Line at iMaths Online is the perfect tool to focus attention and ease students into a maths frame of mind. Here are just two examples of how Number Line can kickstart your Number and Algebra lessons.

Year 1, Topic NA2: Count in twos Set the intervals to twos. Select zero on the number line, then select the ‘count +’ button. As a class, count up in twos. For an extra challenge, ask the class to say ‘buzz’ for every interval of ten. For example, ‘two, four, six, eight, buzz’.

Year 5, Topic NA14: Add and regroup fractions Set the intervals to any fraction. Choose a starting point and select the ’count +’ button. As a class, count up as each fraction is added. Switch between fractions and decimals to expose the class to numbers in both forms.

Log in to iMaths Online and find Number Line and other interactive teaching tools in every Topic.

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