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Did you know all iMaths investigations link to other learning areas?

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Did you know all iMaths investigations link to other learning areas?

iMaths 8/10/21


Note: iMaths is in its final year and will be discontinued at the end of 2024. If you’re looking for a primary maths resource written for the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0, explore Maths Trek.

Each iMaths investigation allows you to bring maths to life by incorporating other learning areas in a practical and engaging way. See how these investigations link to other learning areas:

Take Ten (Foundation): 

Related learning areas: The Arts, Technologies

Students become artists and designers as they create a variety of 2D or 3D artworks for the Take Ten art exhibition. Students practise key numeracy and geometry concepts as they arrange, print or join 10 objects in reasoned and creative ways.

Biggest drink (Year 1): 

Related learning areas: Science, Geography

In this investigation, students explore the very real and current issue of water conservation. They learn that we are all responsible and accountable for our water use, and that we can make a positive difference to our world. Working collaboratively, students estimate, measure, record, compare and order capacity of containers using non-standard units. Students test and observe, then infer and justify what type of container is best to water the garden.

Treasure trove (Year 2): 

Related learning areas: Geography

Students take on the role of a game designer as they work in teams to complete and test a pirate board game. In this game of chance, students roll the dice and use map references to move about the game board. They use addition and subtraction concepts as they play the game and keep a tally of their winnings.

Trash or treasure (Year 3): 

Related learning areas: Technologies, Financial mathematics

In this investigation, students set up a class market stall, giving them the opportunity to examine money concepts, both as buyers and sellers. Many Year 3 students will have had some experience buying things, but may have little sales experience. Students practise setting reasonable prices, creating attractive displays and giving correct change during the course of this investigation.

Lengthy Leaps (Year 4): 

Related learning areas: Science, HPE

This investigation gives students an opportunity to combine investigative skills with physical activity. In order to find the optimum run-up distance for long jump, students use measurement skills and their knowledge of decimal place value to record distances accurately. Once they have analysed their data, their findings will have a practical application in sports lessons and long jump competitions.

Finals fever (Year 5):

Related learning areas: Economics and Business

This investigation is based on events that bring joy and excitement to many students’ lives – sports grand finals! In order to support their favourite team, students explore costs and travel options to attend the match. They also refer to airline, bus and train timetables to ensure a successful round trip.

Fantasy flight (Year 6): 

Related learning areas: Geography, Economics and Business

Students are invited to choose the cities and sites they would visit if they won flights to four of the world’s major cities. Through careful research and exploration of theoretical situations, students develop their financial literacy skills. They stay within a 50 000 km flight limit, budget for accommodation and spending money, and create a travel itinerary and record of expenses. Students justify their financial planning decisions for the trip to improve their reasoning skills.

For a snapshot of every investigation in your year level and the related learning areas, check out the Investigations Overview document.

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