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Check out our Focus Sound Searches

Sound Waves Spelling 17/2/22

If your students like Where’s Wally? then our Sound Waves Spelling Focus Sound Searches are sure to be a hit in your classroom.

The Focus Sound Searches feature colourful illustrations packed with a range of objects containing a particular focus sound. Available at Sound Waves Spelling Online, a Focus Sound Search has been created for each of the 43 sounds of Australian English.

While these engaging illustrations are part of the Foundation program, now teachers have access to all years of content so you can use them as an extra teaching resource regardless of which year level you teach!

To project a Focus Sound Search:

  1. Log in to Sound Waves Spelling Online and navigate to Foundation 1.
  2. Select a focus sound and then click the Lesson 1 Focus Sound.
  3. Scroll down the Lesson Guide and find the subheading Identify the focus sound.
  4. Click on the thumbnail of the Focus Sound Search to be taken straight to that slide. Display the artwork to your class and have fun trying to find picture names that contain the focus sound.

You’ll find a list of possible answers within the Lesson Guide. For an extended list of answers for all 43 Focus Sound Searches, head to the Preparation and Planning section of Sound Waves Spelling Online.

See our Focus Sound Search for the focus sound /f/ below and find as many words as you can. There are over 40 to find!

Possible answers include: chef, dolphin, face, fairy, fall, fast, feet, fin, find, finger, fish, five, flag, flame, flap, flip, flipper, floating, floor, flower, fly, food, foot, fork, fossil, four, fox, fry, frying pan, fun, knife, laugh, leaf, phone, photo, reef, roof, selfie, starfish (as well as family, feeding frenzy, ferry, fire extinguisher).

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