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How is student privacy catered for?

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How is student privacy catered for?

English Stars Think Mentals

Subscriptions to English Stars and Think Mentals Digital Classroom include unique student logins. Student access to content within a secure environment is created by schools or parents who have purchased the product. Schools and parents are only required to enter a class identifier and student name to set up a student with access. We permit schools and parents to use pseudonyms to allow students to access and interact with our resources anonymously, and we do not require schools to disclose the identities of students.

Once logged in, students will submit their own activities. Their answers, and their teacher’s marking, are not publicly available. Their answers are visible only to the teachers and administrators linked to their class for tracking and reporting purposes, to the individual student themselves during the year of their subscription, and to Firefly Education. Firefly Education may use student answers anonymously to improve the content or functionality of the program or to report on statistical trends. Data is held at a secure Australian data centre in Sydney.

There is no facility for students to communicate with each other within the program; nor is there any facility for Firefly Education to communicate directly to students.

For more information on how Firefly Education caters for privacy, read our Privacy Policy.

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