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Handwriting activity: Far-point copying

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Handwriting activity: Far-point copying

Writing Time 23/5/22

The majority of handwriting practice involves near-point copying, but as students move into upper primary it’s important to also incorporate far-point copying exercises.

Far-point copying can be difficult for students. The extra coordination required to look up at a passage of text, process the information and then look down and transcribe that information to paper requires motor processing skills as well as memory recall.

Not only does far-point copying involve more complex coordination, but as students prepare for secondary school it’s also a practical skill they will use regularly in their education.

It’s beneficial to include this practice in your dedicated handwriting lessons where students can focus solely on their handwriting, rather than absorbing the new information they are transcribing from the board.

Use our free copying from afar passages

Save time with our ready-made copying from afar passages available at Writing Time Online.


  • log in to Writing Time Online
  • expand the Copying From Afar tab in the left-hand menu
  • select the relevant year and activity
  • project the passage for students to copy
  • prompt students to complete the copying from afar exercise in their best handwriting.

If your students use the Writing Time Student Practice Books, have them locate the dedicated copying from afar writing space to complete the exercise. Alternatively, you can print our Blank Lines sheet from Writing Time Online for students to complete the copying from afar exercise.

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