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Finish the adventure with a bang

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Finish the adventure with a bang

Writing Time 13/11/18


As the year winds down and the holiday season beckons, students can become very restless — and they’re not the only ones! Why not use this as an opportunity to tie up some loose ends and have your students go back through their Writing Time Student Practice Books?

The Foundation-to-Year 6 series is packed with features designed to motivate students on their handwriting journey. Writing Time gets students practising their fine motor skills, letter formation, speed and accuracy, and spelling.

Here are four ways your students can get the most out of their Writing Time books.

1. Get arty

The colourful, art-based activities contain loads of handwriting practice. While students are completing a fun art activity, they’re actually reaping the benefits of tracing and creating patterns. This type of practice helps students to develop their fine motor skills and letter formation. Have students go back through their books and complete any unfinished art activities.

2. The need for speed

As students progress through the years, it’s essential that they increase their handwriting speed while still maintaining an acceptable level of legibility. This skill will assist students when they sit for the NAPLAN narrative writing test, write English essays in high school, undertake tertiary study or take up employment. Challenge students with the speed, accuracy and legibility tasks in their Writing Time Student Practice Books. You can also have students write out a passage and swap their work with the person next to them to test the legibility of their handwriting. For additional speed, accuracy and legibility tasks, head to Writing Time Online.

3. Review progress

If the year has been a flash, now is a good time for students to go back and catch up on any assessment they may have missed. For the younger year levels, clever trace and copy activities will help students to gauge their letter formation. For the older year levels, have students turn to the final section of their Writing Time Student Practice Books and work their way through the tasks that assess letter formation, slopes, joins and speed.

4. In search of adventure

Years 1–3 students simply love the engaging Writing Time adventure narrative. Encourage students to go back through their books and follow our plucky adventurers Lucy, Max and Archie the owl on their quest to discover the Lost Coins, Lost Treasure and secret to Joins. These fortunes are cleverly scattered throughout the activities.

So why not get your students to go back through their books and finish their handwriting adventure? They can complete their books and end the year with a bang.

If you’re not using Writing Time Student Practice Books yet and would like to find out more, check out our sample pages, order inspection copies or contact your local education consultant today.

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