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Play 'Phoneme Chain'

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Play 'Phoneme Chain'

Sound Waves Spelling 27/5/21


Phoneme Chain can be played at any time of the week. You don’t need any resources to play – just a willing class of participants!

Aim of the game
Students make a word chain by adding words that start with the final phoneme of the previous word.

Whole class

What you’ll need
Students sitting in a circle.

How to play

  1. The teacher says a word.
  2. A student says a word that starts with the final sound of the teacher’s word.
  3. The next student in the circle says a word starting with the final sound of the previous student’s word, and so on. Students continue around the circle for as long as they can, for example: bee, even, night, tiger, above, vacuum, money.

Game tips
If students get stuck (particularly in the younger years), give them a clue for a word that would work, or don’t be afraid to make a short chain and start again with a new word.

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