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Have you used the See & Trace tool?

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Have you used the See & Trace tool?

Writing Time 4/3/20


The See & Trace tool, available at Writing Time Online, demonstrates correct letter formation, exits and entries, and joins.

Project the tool onto a whiteboard and choose a letter, numeral, exit, entry or join to model. You can also zoom in and out, change the line type, select lower or upper case, or use Archie the owl to demonstrate letter type (head, body, tail).

Students can also use the See & Trace tool on their tablets to practise letter formation with their fingers (or stylus). Give students their Student Code and have them log in to  

The interactive See & Trace tool is just one of the many features available at Writing Time Online. You’ll also find projectable and printable handwriting lines, practice worksheets, assessment guides and checklists, and songs for early years classes. 

Best of all, Writing Time Online is free!

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