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Video Spotlight

BitMaths 28/7/21

When it comes to understanding maths, sometimes nothing beats an engaging and well-articulated video. There’s just something about the visual and stepped-out format paired with verbal explanations that really heightens a student’s understanding of an otherwise tricky maths concept.

BitMaths is brimming with videos to boost your maths lessons. Check out some of our favourites!

Module MG801 Units of Area and Volume

Concept 2: Units of Volume and Capacity

MG707 Angle Sums of Triangles and Quadrilaterals

Concept 3: Solving Angle Problems

Module SP703 Primary and secondary data

Concept 1: Data collection

Module SP801 Complementary Events

Concept 1: The Sum of Probabilities and Complementary Events

Module NA716 Variables in Algebra

Concept 1: The Language of Algebra

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