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What do teachers love about English Stars?

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What do teachers love about English Stars?

English Stars 4/5/22


All teachers know effective English lessons demand lots of planning, sourcing of quality resources and catering for the individual needs of students – on top of the actual teaching itself.

So, when you find a resource that does some of the heavy lifting for you, you know you’re onto a winner.

Year 6 teacher Caroline Gaffney has been using English Stars to deliver robust and engaging English lessons for more than three years.

‘English Stars is clearly written by teachers, for teachers,’ she said.

After seeing firsthand how valuable the resource is for both teachers and students, Caroline and her colleagues sought to implement English Stars across Years 3–6 at her school.

‘We advocated for this program because of the ease of use for both teachers and students,’ she said.

Caroline finds the lesson structure useful in the classroom. The supporting resources allow her to introduce, teach and consolidate concepts before students move on to independent work.

‘The format of the lessons is great,’ she said. ‘Each lesson starts with a warm up, and there are instructional videos and concept notes to help you properly introduce the concepts to students before they begin their work.’

As a one-to-one digital resource, English Stars also offers the benefits of automatic activity marking and real-time tracking.

‘The activities are absolutely brilliant,’ Caroline said. ‘The students love the instant feedback they receive from the activities, and teachers have the ability to intervene and reset the activities if students are making errors.’

Does English Stars shine brightly in your classroom? We love hearing about schools using our resources! Contact us if you’d like to share your experience as part of a case study.

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