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How is the English Stars Yearly Plan organised?

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How is the English Stars Yearly Plan organised?

English Stars

We know that assessment is one of the most important elements of your English program. For this reason, a range of assessment modules has been carefully sequenced throughout the year. There are four types of assessment which test students’ skills across the language, literature and literacy strands for their year level.

Here’s how each type of assessment works:

  • Written assignments and oral presentations are based on the featured text type of the unit and are the culmination of the knowledge students have acquired in that unit.
  • Knowledge Tests include the language conventions covered in the Yearly Plan prior to the test.
  • Comprehension Tests are discrete opportunities to assess students’ comprehension skills as the year progresses.
  • Spelling Tests are included at the end of every unit and test students’ knowledge of the spelling concepts taught in that unit.
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